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Long has this old-school party decoration been snubbed!

But who knew how swanky and stylish this eco-friendly, simple and inexpensive paper ribbon could be! Here are a few of our thoughts and inspirations for our faithful old friend...



Create a unique photo booth or dessert table backdrop with a medley of streamer colours complimenting your event theme, with just a bit of masking tape...

Party Decorations Streamer backdrop Lifestyle Emporium


And look at how glamorous it can look with cleverly selected colours and balloons...

Party decorations Streamers Lifestyle emporium

Streamers party decorations Lifestyle Emporium

Party decorations Streamers back drop Lifestyle emporium

Party decorations Streamers Lifestyle Emporium


Set a Festive Mood

Streamers help us to create a festive ambience or mood without being over powering. Here are a few more party decorating inspirations that we've come across, using our beloved streamers...

Party Decorations Streamers Lifestyle Emporium

Streamers party decorations Lifestyle Emporium

Streamers party decorations sydney

Party decorations sydney Streamers


It's worth giving the humble streamer a second look when you're planning your next soiree! See some of LifeStyle Emporium's decor packs that feature streamers for your next celebration!






*Please note that some of these images are sourced from the web purely as a demonstration of how to utilise streamers. They do not necessarily reflect product or services offered by LifeStyle Emporium.

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