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After I took my 7 year old daughter to see the Broadway musical version of Aladdin, she was (of course) inspired to ask for an Arabian Nights birthday party!

I spent months accumulating bright cushions, making photo booth props and even a be-jewelled chandelier. But thankfully, for our customers, pulling off this theme is much easier because we've done all the hard work already!! Have a read below for some tips and ideas for your own Aladdin / Jasmine / Arabian Nights themed event:

This is a picture of the table setup - my precious girl didn't want any of her friends to miss out on this Whole New World, so we had to prep for 25 girls!

Arabian Nights party setup

Using pallets for tables, and cushions for seating makes it really easy to squeeze in a lot more guests. We invested in a large 3 x 6 metre gazebo and hung fabric and light curtains in co-ordinating colours around 3 sides of the tent using safety pins (lots and lots of safety pins!). 2 gold tinsel curtains made for a glittery entry way to the tent.

Arabian Nights Party setup with LifeStyle Emporium

For lunch we served mini quiches, sourdough breads, hummus, tzatziki, olives, carrot sticks, cold meats and cheese. Which meant I could mostly pre-plate everything the night before.


We used our Arabian Nights Party Pack for the table setting (which is great for both kids and adults). An oriental runner made for perfect flooring beneath the cushions, and maintained the gorgeous bright colours of the theme.

My niece did a sterling job of giving the girls some Arabian dancing lessons, using our hand made "jingle" bangles.

We created a giant diamond pinata, in keeping with the famous movie line "a diamond in the rough". Because there were so many girls, we made it a pull string pinata instead of a "bashing" one. Most of the strings pull straight out and only 2 actually pull a flap open to release the prizes.

 We tried to keep lollies to a minimum and so we filled the piñata with large, brightly jewelled rings, necklaces with an Aladdin's magic lamp charm, hand made hair ties and wall stickers in the shape of glittering diamonds.

Another great idea is a beading kit matching the theme. Wonderful as a party craft or a lolly bag gift! The girls like to wear them for weeks afterwards and reminisce about the party :-)

Another party winner was the glitter nail polish and glitter tattoo's, which the girls kept going back to. By the end of the party they had tattoo'ed one another on arms, faces and tummies - so cute!


No, this isn't a giant cake - the base is foam, decorated with real icing. I used one of our crystal hire bowls for the centre layer, and made the actual cake (top layer) in different shades of purple using our layer cake baking tins (also available to hire). 

My amazing friend printed one of our designs onto icing which I used as a cake wrap! It saved me tons of time and money. It was most impressive.

Checkout the gorgeous balloon garland, which I spent ages researching and trying to put together. It's now available as an easy DIY kit from our store! 

So difficult to go wrong with this theme - just add lots of jewels, bright contrasting colours and bright gold pieces. Voila!

So much fun had by all (even the mum's), and happy memories for my beautiful girl.

It was all worth it.




Checkout our hire items, catering and decorating kits to assemble your own version of this theme.

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