Confetti Balloon - Silver

  • $3.99

This gorgeous balloon makes an impressive statement at any affair!

Perfect for a Ballerina, Princess, Frozen Party or neutral theme!


Clear latex balloon filled with 2cm confetti pieces in Silver Foil.

Available in 4 sizes: 30cm, 40cm, 60cm or 90cm

Smaller balloons have a slightly elongated shape, as per the size guide image. 


Please note that blowing up confetti balloons by mouth poses a choking hazard. If you are not going to fill your balloons with helium, please consider purchasing a balloon hand pump from our selection.

If you are filling your balloons with helium at a local store, consider asking the store for Hi Float, which is a liquid inserted into the balloon. It keeps balloons floating longer and sticks confetti to the walls of the balloon.

Balloons are by nature fragile, if you have any concerns, please purchase additional balloons. There are no refunds offered on balloons.

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